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Fernie Card Lock - Big savings on off road gasoline and diesel!
We'll get you on the road and off the road as economically as possible! 
Now open to the Public
If you need fuel you can get some - everyone is welcome to use Fernie's very own cardlock!
 Pay at the pump 24 service. 
Fastest pumps in town. No membership required, competitive pricing. 
 All fuel types for anything that takes it.
Does your group need to fund raise?  If so please contact us and we can help with our pre-paid fuel cards
email info@ferniecardlock.com gift cards will be given to the organizer and the cards will be loaded once the amount has been paid for with cash or cheque - simply print our form (found on apply today page) and start raising some cash or fuel for your local club. 4% of sales will be given to your group.
The sky is your limit!

Past Groups and Groups to come:
March 2015: Fernie Rod n Gun Club
April 2015: Fernie Nordic Society
May 2015: Avalanche Girls
June 2015: Elk Valley Hospital Foundation
July 2015:  Fernie Pets
August 2015:  Fernie Childcare Society
September 2015: Elk Valley Hospice
October 2015:  Fernie Friends for Friends
November 2015: Fernie Early Years Team
December 2015:  Shelter Canada
Jan 2016: Joan Delich Kindergym Society
Feburary 2016:  Fernie Chamber of Commerce Griz Days
March 2016:  Fernie Nordic Society
April 2016:  Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy
May 2016:  Sparwood Pathfinders (Girl Guides)
June2016:  Avalanche Girls
July 2016:  The Freedom Climb
August 2016: Al Williems
Sept 2016: Erin Amundson Memorial
Oct 2016: Fernie Friends for Refugees
Nov 2016:  Fernie Early Years
Dec 2016:  Harvey Pass Warming Hut
Jan 2017:  Bright Beginning
Feb 2017:  Fernie Chamber of Commerce Griz Days
March 2017:  Fernie Secondary Grad
April 2017:  Fernie Secondary Grad
May 2017:  Sparwood Pathfinders
June 2017:  Fernie Guides
July 2017:  Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy

Monthly Accounts still available
We welcome visitors here for weekends or only a few days
We specialize in off road fuel but also offer unbeatable savings for regular gasoline, diesel and marked diesel!
Whether you need a 20 litre jerry can of dyed gasoline or a 25 000 litre tank of marked diesel  we can do it for you  and save you money at the same time.  And your money will stay in town because we are a local family owned business. We cater to our customers. With products like premium 91 octane dyed gasoline (no ethanol), regular gasoline, marked diesel and diesel -  you can count on us - whenever your car, snowmobile, snow blower, boat, quad, bobcat, back hoe or truck needs fuel we can help.  
Call us for: 
  • fueling solutions
  • Boss lubricants
  • fuel delivery
  • specialty fuels
  • tidy tanks
  • Enviro tanks of any size 1500L to 50,000L+

We also are the distributor for Tidy Tanks in this area as well as for Boss Lubricants. 

We guarantee the quality of our fuel at the nozzle, please make sure your containers are clean*conditions apply.
Phone: 250.423.7205    Email:  info@ferniecardlock.com